Passports and Visas



When planning a trip overseas, one of the most important things to check are the entry requirements of the
countrys you will be visiting. Almost all countries will require your passport to have at least 6 months validity upon
your DEPARTURE from the country. This means that you must have 6 months on your passport when you return
to Australia. 

In additon to this, many countries also require a visa for entry. In most cases, this must be issued
before departure from Australia and will take anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 months to issue depending on the
country you are travelling to. Visas commonly applied for and their processing times (based on tourist single entry visas on an australian passport) are:

Bangladesh: 2-3 weeks
Brazil: 5-6 weeks*
Cambodia: 2-3 weeks*
China: 2-3 weeks 
Egypt: 2-3 weeks
Ethiopia: 2 weeks
India: 3 weeks*
Ghana: 2-3 weeks
Kenya: 2-3 weeks*
Mongolia: 2 weeks
Myanmar (Burma): 2 weeks*
Nepal: 2 weeks
Phillipines: 2-3 weeks
Papua New Guinea: 2 weeks
Russia: 3-5 weeks

USA: Please see below*
Vietnam: 2 weeks*


***Times are approximate and it is best you allow 3 months if you are able to***

*Some countries also allow online visa applications- please see below.



Online Visas



Several countries now offer an electronic/online visa system, however there are many scam visa websites out there so it is important you are using a legitimate visa application site. Usually these are government run and should have a '.gov' or similar address. Below are the most common online visas. Please note that some of these are only valid for partcular entry points, so it is important to read the restrictions and instructions thouroughly.

Brazil eVisa:

Cambodia evisa:

Canada eTA:

Indian online tourist visa:

Kenya evisa:

Myanmar (Burma) evisa:

Sri Lanka ETA:

Turkey evisa:

Vietnam evisa:



Other Requirements

Some countries will also have extra requirements such as a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate or Copies of an onward flight ticket.

For advise on the entry/visa requirements of any country you wish to travel to, or if you would like us to organise a visa for you, just Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help.